This gif of Red Velvet Irene makes me angry even if I’m not a fan of Seulgi

Seulgi is an angel..

If I were Seulgi, I would grab Irene’s hair

[+307, -150]

1. [+217, -79] Aside from the two of them getting along well, I think that gif really shows Irene’s personality… She caused controversy over her personality and fans seem to have nothing to shield her from. They should be silent instead

2. [+201, -26] Seulgi was talking and she suddenly jerked the microphone… I’m a fan of Seulgi and I was annoyed at that time ㅠ Irene fans are shielding her and bullying others on SNS

3. [+145, -36]

4. [+133, -19] This is my first time seeing a girl frowning like Irene and pointing like this ㅠ The fans say she’s sensitive but I don’t understand

5. [+128, -16] Do you feel that she doesn’t care about other people?

6. [+128, -8] If you see Yeri’s microphone being brushed aside, even if she tries to hide her personality, you can see her personality…

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