This is Big Hit’s new boy group name according to netizens

Big Hit’s new boy group confirmed as ‘ALONERS ASSOCIATION’ with 7 members

This is the name that has now been trademarked by Big Hit

‘Aloners Association’ is likely the new boy group’s name

Yorch (Born in 2002, the oldest member)

Leo (Born in 2002)

Sangwon (Born in 2003)

Woochan (Born in 2005)

James (Born in 2005)

JJ (Born in 2006)

Jihoon (Born in 2006, the youngest member)

They uploaded dance videos to YouTube
Not only the members dance like JJ and Jihoon, but all 7 members dance well
There are a lot of comments saying that they put a lot of effort into practicing their choreography

1. But there are too many foreign members

2. Leo, isn’t it the member who wrote the controversial lyrics?

3. I think Woochan will be the leader

4. Yorch is the most handsome, but it’s a pity that he’s not a Korean member

5. It’s hard to remember the group’s name

6. Looks like this is a group geared towards making money overseas. The best group in their company is BTS and they’re all Korean, but HYBE keeps debuting foreign members

7. It’s like the same kids coming out of the same factory

8. HYBE doesn’t seem to care about the trainees’ personalities these days

9. To be honest, there are a lot of foreign members, but they are so good at Korean. The question is whether you like their faces or their voices. But the group name is too long

10. But why do Big Hit’s male idols all look the same?

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