This is the name of SM’s rookie boy group?

I guess this is the name of SM’s rookie boy group?


1. It will be hard to search the name of the group

2. Didn’t they choose a good group name after Girls’ Generation?

3. SM doesn’t seem to be good at naming groups

4. I’m looking forward to the logo and teaser

5. Although the spelling is different, there is also a Chinese idol group called R1SE

6. Thinking of Dong Bang Shin Ki and Bangtan Boys, this name is fine

7. There are a lot of group names that I thought were strange when I first saw them, so this is okay

8. It’s okay, I’m more curious about the concept of the song than the name of the group

9. As long as the K-pop legend is Bangtan Boys, I think any name is fine

10. It’s better than I thought..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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