This is the top 1 female idol rapper according to netizens

Who is the top 1 female idol rapper?

I don’t think there are anyone is so good at rapping?

I’m just curious
There are a lot of male idols though

1. Jeon Soyeon

2. CL

3. Jennie

4. LE, Jeon Soyeon, Mimi, Jennie

5. Yeji is seriously good…

6. Jeon Soyeon

7. The only person that comes to mind is Jeon Soyeon!

8. CL and Jennie, but CL is the one top

9. Reminds me of Jeon Soyeon

10. Jeon Soyeon, CL.. Jennie and Lisa are good too, but they have little chance to show their skills

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