This member is the identity of BTS according to netizens

Who do you think is the identity of BTS?

For me, it’s RM!

But (if you look at what the BTS members are talking about), it’s like J-Hope

[+107, -21]

1. [+111, -7] The fans know BTS’s identity is RM

2. [+94, -5] The identity of BTS can only be RM, BTS debuted because of RM, and the leader is RM

3. [+41, -4] Honestly, I don’t think BTS would be this successful without RM

4. [+32, -4] RM seems to be the one who has the most influence on the direction of BTS

5. [+29, -2] It feels like RM is holding the center position of BTS

6. [+27, -3] Honestly, you can say that RM is the identity of BTS because BTS revolves around Namjoon

7. [+23, -1] I think the reason BTS is different from other idols is the direction, values, philosophy, and message, but those things come from RM

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Bts 🤩


The least popular member


Jealousy is a disease 😭 I bet u r on of the maknae line stans 😂

shein version of disqus

he’s actually the most well-known. he appeared in variety shows way before bts hit big. and he’s literally the spokesperson of bts


One of the most well known and liked actually so stfu


hoe mad

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And loved member in your family, work and class let’s say even life in general is YOU. And I bet u geot zero personality and talents. That why u loser is coming for the core of beloved BTS. Go suck your toe or something


We won’t have most of bts’ songs it namjoon wasn’t there

just lurking

Of course it’s RM every non-biased armys knows that except the dumb and loud maknae line solo stans


Well you can never find an intelligent leader with high confidence like rm in kpop


BTS wouldn’t even be BTS if not for Namjoon. He’s the sun that every member revolves around and his influence on their music and morals are unquestionable.


Of course we know it’s RM. He’s the pillar of the group, the spokesperson, BTS wouldn’t be known if not for RM. The whole kpop stan are aware of that and the ppl who disagree are bitter maknae line stans😂


RM definitely I could write a whole essay about him


It’s V


Let’s not put people in a place where it’s obviously isn’t theirs. No fool will question the immaculate role of
taehyung in BTS but he ain’t what you said. Have some respect for RM and some brain cells so even V can respect you.

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