TOP 10 advertising models favored by Koreans

TOP 10 advertising models favored by Koreans

IU (430 votes)
Kim Yuna (167 votes)
Kim Soo Hyun (130 votes)
Gong Yoo (128 votes)
Yoo Jae Suk (127 votes)
Son Heung Min (96 votes)
Lim Young Woong (93 votes)
Jun Ji Hyun (93 votes)
Cha Eunwoo (68 votes)
Kim Ji Won (62 votes)

1. IU is the best

2. As expected, IU

3. I thought of Kim Soo Hyun, but they are all amazing

4. Hul Kim Ji Won has joined the list

5. Yoo Jae Suk and Jun Ji Hyun are daebak

6. Cha Eunwoo

7. IU, Kim Yuna and Jun Ji Hyun will be top advertising models for the rest of their lives..

8. There is no Suzy but there is Kim Ji-won

9. Kim Ji Won is so good

10. Cha Eunwoo is amazing considering his seniority and age

11. I knew Kim Soo Hyun would be there

12. Queen Yuna

13. IU is amazing…

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