Top 10 best-selling albums of solo singers in the first half of 2023

1 BTS Jimin: 1,692,436 copies
2 BLACKPINK Jisoo: 1,452,467 copies
3 BTS Suga: 1,332,087 copies
4 Lee Chanwon: 587,344 copies
5 NCT Taeyong: 494,249 copies
6 EXO Kai: 247,800 copies
7 Kang Daniel: 149,455 copies
8 SHINee Onew: 139,289 copies
9 Choi Yena: 124,490 copies
10 SHINee Key: 121,412 copies

1. She’s a female idol but it’s almost no different from No. 1. Jisoo is really amazing

2. SHINee are the only 2nd generation idols, they’re so cool

3. Taeyong-ah, you did well

4. Wow, Jimin will hit 1.7 million copies soon. Jimin-ah, you’re amazing

5. SHINee Onew and Key are selling well

6. Jimin is amazing

7. Jimin is amazing, Yoongi too!

8. Wow female idol Jisoo is daebak

9. Both Jimin and Jisoo are daebak

10. Looking at Hanteo, Jimin almost sells 8-90 copies a day

11. Jimin and Suga are amazing

13. Jimin’s album is really good. You should listen to it at least once

14. Jisoo is crazy

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D-Day and Face are such great albums~ No wonder they did so well.

Teenaged puppy

Jimin and you go coming through with the actual global demand and not just Chinese inflation


D Day and FACE deserve 🥰 Jungkook and Taehyung joining them soon iktr


Congratulations to Jimin and Yoongi, they deserve it. I want every BTS member to have a solo album that has sold 1 million copies. 

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