Top 10 K-pop male idols that Japanese women want to marry the most in 2022

(Survey on 2022/9/11, 1295 women between the ages of 10 and 40 answered)

1 Jaejoong (JYJ)
2 Jungkook (BTS)
3 V (BTS)
4 Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)
5 Jimin (BTS)
6 Minho (SHINee)
7 Yook Sungjae (BTOB)
8 Jin (BTS)
9 Taemin (SHINee / SuperM)
10 Taeyong (NCT)

1. They only look at the faces of the idols

2. No, but isn’t Taeyong a member of SuperM?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Sungjae is mine

4. I also want to marry those people

5. Minho and Taemin are there too, I really like them

6. Wow, but Jaejoong is so popular in Japanㅋㅋ He has a face that Japanese people like

7. Jungkook is mine

8. They are Korean, so Korean women have priority

9. No no no, they are ours

10. Kim Jaejoong is the wall in Japan

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