TOP 40 most powerful celebrities in 2022 selected by Forbes Korea

TOP 40 most powerful celebrities in 2022 selected by Forbes Korea (#1 BTS)

1. BTS
3. Son Heung Min
4. Ryu Hyun Jin
5. Lee Chan Won
6. Lee Seung Gi
7. Lim Young Woong
8. Youn Yuh Jung
9. Yoo Jae Suk
10. Jang Min Ho
11. IU
12. Park Seo Joon
13. Jang Yoon Jung
14. Ahn Jung Hwan
15. Kim Yeon Koung
16. Jung Dong Won
18. Lee Jung Jae
19. Lee Ji Ah
20. Lee Min Ho
21. Kim Soo Hyun
22. Suzy
23. Kim So Yeon
24. Park Eun Seok
25. Young Tak
26. Kang Daniel
27. Jeon Mi Do
28. Han So Hee
29. Song Hye Kyo
30. Son Ye Jin
31. Song Ga In
32. Rain
33. Park Shin Hye
34. Lee Seung Yoon
35. Lee Mu Jin
36. Irene Kim
37. Ahn Hyo Seop
38. Kim Hye Soo
39. Kim Hee Jae
40. Park Bo Gum

1. What are the criteria? IU’s ranking is lower than I thought

2. Lee Chan Won’s ranking is even higher than Lim Young Woong

3. BLACKPINK doesn’t have a lot of activities, but their ranking is amazing

4. As expected, the best idols are BTS and BLACKPINKㅋㅋ Both are amazing..

5. Why is Yoo Jae Suk’s ranking lower than Lee Chan Won’s?

6. BLACKPINK, please come back

7. Looking at the chart, BTS is too different from other celebrities, so I think they should draw it without BTS

8. They are powerful celebrities, but Lim Young Woong, Yoo Jae Suk, and IU rank too low?

9. This ranking is weird

10. I’m waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback

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