TOP 5 best acting female idols voted by 31 industry experts

5 Kim Sejeong (5 votes)

4 Nana (7 votes)

3 Suzy (9 votes)

2 IU (11 votes)

1 Im Yoona (13 votes)

1. I agree

2. I’m also looking forward to Suzy’s next work

3. Yoona’s acting is so good

4. I love Suzy and IU’s acting!!

5. IU is a top singer but she is also famous as an actress

6. I like Suzy’s acting

7. I’m waiting for Yoona’s next work

8. Nana and Sejeong’s acting is so good

9. I think about Jung Eunji.. She’s good at acting ㅠㅠ

10. Nana and Suzy are good at acting, but I don’t know about Yoona

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