Total number of Daesangs that idol groups have won

As of November 2022

BTS – 66

EXO – 23

Big Bang – 15

SNSD – 11

TWICE – 11

TVXQ – 10

Super Junior – 7

2NE1 – 6

Wanna One – 4

Wonder Girl – 3

Highlight (BEAST) – 3

Aespa – 3

2AM – 2

2PM – 2

iKON – 2

SHINee – 1

Miss A – 1

[+173, -14]

1. [+210, -20] How many legitimate awards has SM received?

2. [+168, -7] 66 Daesangs? Are they human?

3. [+104, -19] TWICE is seriously amazing, they were even female idols in the EXO-BTS-Wanna One eraㄷㄷ

4. [+49, -9] For SM, we need to remove 80% of Daesangs there, the idols of this company didn’t do well but still got Daesang, by the way, when did Aespa get 3 Daesangs??

5. [+45, -3] Kingtanㄷㄷ

6. [+37, -11] EXO stole Big Bang’s Daesang in 2015ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -3] Even people who don’t know idols well acknowledge BTS

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comment 2
the way i burst out laughing😭😭


bts and highlight both from small companies


BTS was the first non-Big 3 company group to win artist of the year (daesang). In 2016, they also deserved to win the album of the year. Wings was damn good.


Wings is enchanting


highlight (formerly beast) is right there. they’re the first non-big 3 company group to win a daesang.

Melon Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Daesang)
KBS Music Festival: Song of the Year (Daesang)

Melon Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Daesang)

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they’re not lol


how are they not? they’re not big 3 either and they won before bts


[+210, -20] How many legitimate awards has SM received?


Maple Puddin

Exo stole a lot of awards especially in 2016/2017


From BTS


All SM artist combined and still hasnt reach BTS numbers.. Kings 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑


well to be fair all the next artists combined still cant beat bts’ numbers


that’s literally just not true, the first 5 of them have more daesangs combined (70 over 66). not saying what bts achieved isn’t impressive since they are just 1 artist, but do math first before saying that lol


And?? U know u can praise bts and not put down others at the same time right..


We learned from kpoppie so don’t get mad when the energy is returned. They were actually being pretty mild about it anyway tbh


lmao they deserve to put at the bottom because theyve been rigged. shameless


Annndddd…, no daesang no opinion they said 🤣🤣 man how I wish they didn’t dragged BTS when they praised their fave back then 🤭

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WhatsThe Point

The way BTS has been winning daesangs since 2016, 7th year now and have a wall in the gap…
They’re global artists


“No daesang, no opinion”

still remember this and now they have 66


and when BTS got 1 it became “no 16 daesangs no opinion”


I remember that perfectly well, they laughed at Army for that, who laughs now?
No 66 daesangs, no opinion.


why mention only SM? JYP did it too with Twice for their SOTY at MAMA two years in a row. Wanna One for winning SOTY over iKON/BP/Momoland at GMA. there was also time when SNSD was #1 in 2009 but MAMA didn’t give them any daesang.

Last edited 2 months ago by okayokay

11 groups for 2nd gen 🤩 golden era of kpop indeed. so many great groups.

3rd gen is dominated by men while 4th gen will be dominated by women. love to see it!


That’s mean every group in 2nd gen pretty much at the same level, barely anyone stand out from the rest. Everyone was the same


eh not really. 2nd gen kpop was actually more diverse than the 4th gen kpop. you know there were more groups than that in 2nd gen era but still a lot of groups managed to stand out from the rest with variation of concept & gender, unlike the other generations. damn, even bands did very well too back then. it just means that 2nd gen groups were truly loved by the public. but among them, bigbang & snsd even more stand out too, they’re the final winners of 2nd gen after all. they managed to be in top 10 of korean charts in 3 different decades

Last edited 2 months ago by smh

In 2nd gen, not group really dominate bcs again, they’re all stand on the same level. Only few maybe stand 1 level higher than the other. In 2nd gen, A group dominated sales, while group B dominated in digital, while C group dominated tour. See? Pretty much on the same level. There’s not much group winning daesang in 3rd & 4th, bcs it dominated mostly by BTS alongside the other solo artists.


OP included aespa’s AAA daesang but not the other groups? where’s nct, got7, seventeen, monsta x, red velvet and stray kids then? they also won daesang there lol

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I still remember what that fandom said : “No daesang…no opinion” Pffffft.
Look now, 66 legitimate daesang compare to their 20 something. That’s why even now they want to think their fav on BTS level by accusing here and there.


Twice and SNSD literally ruled when bgps were on top and literally gg getting a decent sale was a big thing. These two ggps are seriously so legendry. And also their songs. Chefs kiss✨


the way bts fans claim that bts is the first non big 3 group to win a daesang is crazy

highlight (beast)

Melon Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Daesang)
KBS Music Festival: Song of the Year (Daesang)

Melon Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Daesang)


yeah sorry but nobody knows them🥶


maybe people are mixing it up with the first from non big 3 to win artist of the year at MAMA. cause that one was a hard chain to break. MAMA has been around since 2006 and for 10 years straight since it’s existence, only idols from the big 3 won the awards for artists of the year.
cause if you’re going by all shows and all categories, beast isn’t the first to win from non big 3. sg wannabe won album of the year at mama in 2006. epik won album of the year at mama in 2007 and that was way before they joined yg.

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people are claiming they’re the first nonbig3 to win a daesang in general, instead of just aoty at mama. the latter is true the former is not. also those two don’t count because they’re not idols, the concept of big 3 is only a concept for idols. it’s the big 3 idol companies. for other artists their companies are all about the same, they live off the quality of songs usually

Grace Walker

At the end of the day does it not really matter? Does not change the fact that BTS, have 66, Daesangs.


yet those SM stan still proudly crying wombling like bunch of id*ot defending their rigged idols 🤣🤣 one of requirement for being SM stan must be low IQ



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