Trainees of the girl group that Teddy is forming

Ella Gross is also seen in the picture

The person on the far left in the first picture and the top right row in the second picture is Ella Gross

1. They are hot girls but they look like dancers. If there’s Teddy’s song, they’ll do well

2. I think the song would be good if it were Teddy’s song

3. It looks like a collection of Instagram celebrities

4. When will they debut? ㅠㅠ

5. Wow, Ella Gross is about to debut as an idol, daebak

6. I’m looking forward to this girl group

7. The combination is crazy

8. Wow, this is really like YG I used to know

9. I like Teddy’s style.. I’m looking forward to it. When will they debut?

10. They look more like a dance group than an idol group

11. I thought it was Minji from NewJeans on the far right in the first picture

12. That’s the YG style I remember

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