TripleS was attacked by a fan at their concert

A fan is currently causing controversy for throwing a fan at TripleS at their concert


1. Isn’t it an attack? Why did you throw it so hard?

2. What do you mean you threw it in anger?

3. Are the slogan and the fan the same? Are you crazy?

4. Is it an apology?

5. Why did you throw it even though you knew you shouldn’t?

6. Why did you throw your fan in anger?? And are you a foreigner??

7. Are you crazy? Why do you throw things at other people?

8. Because of anger??

9. I really don’t understand why they threw things on the stage

10. When I looked at the account, I didn’t think that fan was foreign

11. The apology letter was strange

12. I’m not the only one who can’t read. Why do you write like that?

13. I think that fan has mental problems

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