TW// BTS Jimin working with Supreme Boi again, the man who wrote about his r*pe fantasies

on the pre-release track “SET ME FREE PT. 2” Supreme Boi is credited. Supreme Boi was known as the eighth member of BTS because he was intended to be in the lineup, before he dropped out and joined as a producer instead. Some of his controversies:

Other than J-HOPE taking a photo with him last year, he is credited on JIMIN’s new album.

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A taekooker making a user post obsessing over Jimin💀 Get a life


stfu its a set up account to set up jungkook and taehyung and u fell for it


bitch you’re commenting shit about him rn so i wouldn’t be surprised if YOU wrote it instead of writing excuses for taekookers’ trash. get a life and stop obsessing over jimin’s.


pajamas are the ones who need to get a life stop looking at others and look at your own breed


No, we know how obsessed you taekookers are over Jimin

Jennie rapist supporter

even tho this post is made by a blink ur not saint here


Taekookers and blinks are same breed you didn’t now it?

Jennie rapist supporter

As much as I hate tkkers and hope they 💀, all of them. This post is made by a blink


blinks kinda smart cause they know pjms weakest spot being tkkers that y’all actually fell for this set up, those ss came from a blink acc & they’re the ones who brought supreme boi up


Congrats! You are no better because you fell for this troll and hating on taekook


Trashcock deserves hell for existing . They can fvck eo, make eo preggo , have kids, a home , release their content and y’all trashcock supporters will be obsessed with jm . Like without jm’s validation your ship isn’t even akin to have logic lmfao . Coming at Jimin’s neck while shipping TAEKOOK . you’re no better than these blinks . Trashcock’s and you trashcockers parents have done the biggest mistake not using protection while coupling.. you guys are just garbage . Like Idols like fans


Pajamas be eating everything up lol no wonder everyone calls you brainless


Trashyung being friends with wooshik liking a post making fun of a woman recalling her sexual abuse

Jennie rapist supporter

why are you making this about tae u freak? This acc is made by a blink, why are u comparing wooshik to actual rapists u freak?? let me get the IP address tracker


pigmin getting fcked by bang pd every night and you’re worried about other members


Your trashcock is still not real . Focus on your smoker and alcoholic parents instead of coming at jm’s business


You can go jail for this


You’re so stupid


he got rotten personality so its not surprising

Jennie rapist supporter

he: jennie


But when I bring up the fact that your girl is ONCE AGAIN caught saying she admires a rape fanatic and that he is the ‘biggest draw’ to her participation in The Weeknd’s HBO series then I’m suddenly gonna be the bad guy, huh? 🥰

Last edited 24 days ago by stfu bitch

What is surprising is that you entered this post before all armies. I bet you’ve been waiting for this post, after all, antis like you are spreading hate over Jimin lol


for real. the one who look kind are always a trash behind


theres so many accounts exposing his fake personality its just his stan and fandom are too blind and stupid


nah, i know for a fact this not written by any bts fan or even a taekooker.
because the set up is too strong


Why does Taehyungs friend group consist of wooshik being a r*pe apologist, Park seojoon being a misogynist saying women shouldn’t work when raising kids or they’ll become criminals and the squid game actor lee Jung Jae that assaulted a woman🤔 maybe focus on ur faves

Jennie rapist supporter

uglyyyyy fr*ak and ur joker ass this post is made by a whole blink. They were the only ones who kept making posts similar to this and now suddenly we got a pann post. Wooshik is not a rape apologists and seojoon is not misogynist, he just said his ideal woman would be someone who takes care of his children and cooks for him, it’s not deep u weirdo. Can’t call out jennie so u had to make this about tae. Pjms stop being jokers for once!

Jennie rapist supporter

Maddy do everybody a favor and 💀


When you don’t want to accept your taekooker ass that y’all will forever be obsessed with Jimin so you make up hateful posts then backtracking when you guys get caught. 😭 stop accusing Pjms of being nasty shippers because you can’t accept reality. We are not like y’all

Jennie rapist supporter

Why would I be a taekooker?? Tae literally said get out of ur imagination to those freaks for a reason. I’m defending jimin here including tae who has no reason to be dragged by ur sick breed. Notice how ur breed quickly jumped on tae and no other member, can’t even drag blinks properly and now u look like fools involving another member. Congrats for being dumb. Literally check the user who posted this, account is made today and this is their only article, idk maybe use ur head and remember which fandom has been obsessed with jm ever since their fave has been called out for being best friends with rapists


lee Jung Jae is not tae’s friend. He asked Tae for a pic in 2021 before the allegations. Seojoon only talked about his ideal type in 2015 before he became tae’s friend & Wooshik never liked a post about r@pe. He liked a post about similar pronouncing English words


Worry about your fav singing jung bobby’s song

Jennie rapist supporter

Jennie is a huge rapist supporter, recently been exposed as having two friends who are rapists, so what they did is create this “taekookangels” acc which was created today and this being their only article to distract from the fact that their fave is problematic

Jennie rapist supporter

They really think we are stupid when blinks whole personality is not holding their problematic fave accountable

Last edited 24 days ago by Jennie rapist supporter

well It will flop
so who cares?

Jennie rapist supporter

Jennie will flop, she can’t even pick up a pen, can’t sing, can’t do anything without leeching onto men


You are talking about pigmin i guess


Account made March 3, ONE article and it’s this, the only ones who brought supreme boi drama are blinks but I’m sure pjms will eat this set up rather than call those weirdos out


pjms points fingers at others without realizing they’re the real psychos


Taekookers scrambling saying it’s a set up account in the comments because they forgot to change their account username when making this post. We all know the ones first in line making hateful comments and posts are y’all.


Tkkers are the biggest losers on twt but this is clearly a set up no one other than blinks brought supreme boi up (he worked with all the members so it wouldn’t make sense) u can’t just “forget” to not write a certain username don’t be silly they want y’all to deflect from jennie being problematic


don’t be so proud saying that. pajamas and jikookers being 1000x worse but armys always giving them a free pass that’s why you don’t realize you’re monsters


And jhope sang that Hangsang line with the shout out to Rockbottom at Lolla, they’re all rotten


Since blinks want to talk about working with a rape fanatic, let’s talk about how my girl Jennie is once again befriending and hyping up one 🤌🏻


It don’t think it’s a taekooker because if they are gonna use this they should know their favs and literally every member has worked with supreme boi after his problematic song in 2016. The rap line are good friends with him as well but that doesn’t mean you can blame the members for it. It’s inevitable to avoid him since they have to work with him for music since he’s one of the company’s producers and songwriters

It’s the company’s fault for still having him on as a in-house producer


But if it’s a taekooker I have no words you can’t be this stupid knowing your favs will also get dragged??

Last edited 24 days ago by Gidle

say the same things about jikookers too. a lot of them giving death threats to other members with jk and jm’s name on their username and everything everyday


let’s be honest most of them hang out with problematic people there is no surprise anymore

Jennie rapist supporter

But jimin does not even hang out with that man, blonks bitter cause their faves are jobless and friends with the most problematic people


bet jimin slept with that man


Antis are working again to tarnish Jimin’s name. But you will never be able to do that. You can’t blame Jimin just for that person’s rumors 🤙


This is so obvious. A random blink writing a hate post over Jimin 💀


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Last edited 24 days ago by forisa

We all knee set me free was there before supreme boi got exposed, so if it get re produced his name gotta be there no matter what y’all reaching

seungri is free

botoks golem pigmin also rapes everyone with just his appearance 🙂


Trying to get the most unproblematic, kind and beautiful idol inside out dragged will drown you imbelices in misery .
User taekooksangel ,you own fave , aka ship/parents (may god bless them with the worst) have worked with him . Not only this , trashcock are the most problematic , career full of scandals, friends with homophobic, misogynist, rap*St and what not . You don’t get to speak about Jimin . Also your article won’t get taete preggo by jk and your ship will never be real also blinks shouldn’t speak on jm when they stan bunch of problematic slvts who can spread legs for anyone in the industry . So stfu


what are people so surprised about? jimin is also the one who sang jung bobby’s song. jimin has always been supporting rapists


Like trash isn’t besties with rapist supporter and misogynist seojun, incel wooshik and jk isn’t besties with jay park .. also trashcock are the one who have sang and supported jung bobby’s songs like home.. also Euphoria’s credits? Lol Jimin is the most unproblematic idol but y’all are obsessed with the main character ofc.

Supreme Cunt

disgusting. where the source so that I can read it and block it.


other hybe’s groups worked with him yet only jimin is getting hate…..


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Last edited 23 days ago by AlinaLucia

Jimin’s second fandom everyone! You know that the album is going to be successful when even antis can’t stop obsessing over him.


Posting pathetic posts. Jimin really has all of you threatened. Of course, it’s Pannkpop AGAIN.

based misandrist

ofc ratmys and other male worshipper kpop stans will defend their degenerate micro dick men working with rapists, korea has a huge incel problem especially with over 50% of men in the 20s – 30s being extreme anti feminists but asian men lusting ifans don’t care

Last edited 23 days ago by poophead

He’s a man after all. Men don’t care about such things.


Supreme Boi producing Iron’s song and writing vulgar lyrics with Kidoh 7 years ago and, once Iron was finally sentenced 5 years ago, never associating with him publically since. Condemn Supreme Boi all you want but stop using his actions from 7 years ago and a horrible person he distanced from as a way to paint current Bts as bad people.


Guys, we have a pjm report group where they get the IP address of anti’s slandering jm. Specially if it’s extreme that needs to take action of and can be sued legally. They are providing a set of legal team to take this issue on. They have already arrested 2 jm antis. Please reach out to pjm_report regarding this matter.

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