TWICE Chaeyoung’s shocking new tattoo

TWICE Chaeyoung’s new tattoo

Tattoos that have been revealed so far

1. My idols also get a lot of tattoos, so what Chaeyoung has done in different ways is really pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Why are there so many kids here forcing their outlook on life onto others?

3. I don’t really like tattoos, but Chaeyoung’s short hair suits her well

4. Is she still dating that tattooist?

5. Daebak.. I don’t know much about art, but anyway, it looks so unique and stylish

6. I’m so jealous that she doesn’t care about other people’s eyes

7. Anyway, she’s still active as a member of an idol group, I don’t think it suits her

8. It doesn’t really suit TWICE’s image

9. No, the first picture… I can’t see the tattoo, I just see Chaeyoung who’s so pretty

10. Why are you guys making a fuss about other people’s tattoos?

11. Is she still dating that tattooed guy?

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