TWICE filled Mexico stadium more than BLACKPINK

TWICE filled Mexico stadium more than BLACKPINK



BLACKPINK has 55,000 seats and TWICE has 57,000 seats

1. This stadium is so big, performing there will be fun

2. That’s the difference between stage and equipment

3. When looking at the ticket price, it’s not even half the price of BLACKPINK’s concert… Don’t criticize them for no reason by writing this post

4. Looking at the price, BLACKPINK is several times more expensive, you have no conscience

5. If it were me, I would worry about my life instead of comparing things like this

6. Both are the best ~

7. Who is this fan?

8. Please stop comparing

9. In terms of profitability, BLACKPINK is more successfu

10. BLACKPINK’s ticket price is more expensive than TWICE’s

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