TWICE is a bit pitiful

However, 5-6 years ago, they were the one top girl group that no one could compete with

“TWICE, falls out of the top 100 after 1 day… Their heydays are gone”

[+23, -21]

1. [+34, -5] The downhill road becomes so steep after you succeed without skills, this is why singers must have basic singing skills

2. [+32, -4] Out of TWICE-BLACKPINK-Red Velvet, you can feel them going downhill the most, among the groups that have been successful, their downhill road seems to be the steepest

3. [+23, -16] Why do you think they are pitiful? They were in their heyday for a long time. If BLACKPINK hadn’t exploded overseas, they’d be like TWICE already. It’s only natural for the generation to change like that

4. [+22, -7] I think it’s because K-pop fans have moved on to 4th generation female idols, such as NewJeans and IVE, but I feel sorry for them for falling out off the chart after 1 day

5. [+11, -8] The golden age will end someday, now it’s the age of the 4th generation. They enjoyed the glory of the past and made a lot of money, that’s enough; They are still young and rich; Who should feel sorry for whom?

6. [+8, -2] They will disband in 1~2 yearsㅋㅋ Nayeon will continue to work as a solo singer, the Japanese members will return to Japan and promote on TV, the remaining members will enter into acting or entertainment

7. [+6, -1] They have mansions, cars, and go around and wear luxury items… You should feel sorry for people like us,,,,

8. [+3, -1] I feel sorry for TWICE…

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They’re beautiful, rich, successful and well loved. The OP who wrote this post is the one that’s pitiful.

Also, how many more posts are we going to get about this? It’s starting to get old.

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They are flop old hags
If twice competed with ive new jeans and le ssrrafim in their rookie days they would look below average


You acted as if you are better than them. How many will miss you when you are dead and gone? Just cut your wrist.


Twice competition were literally prime Exo and BTS during the rookie days. Twice were ruling when the bgps were dominant in the k-pop scene. Are you sure these new ggps would even stand a chance during that time.


ugh just leave them alone

mother dozen

yall are dragging it atp. twice have an incredible legacy and have cemented themselves as legends, nothing will change that. funny that the people who are celebrating their supposed “decline” the most are the ones who cry about people hating successful women.


what legacy? not even konce manage to make them chart. cemented what? oh legend for that encore bad performance

mother dozen

you’re an idiot. multiple huge hits cheer up, tt, knock knock, fancy, and other hit songs are more than enough to count as their legacy. legends for being the first foreign female artist to hold three consecutive sold out shows at the tokyo dome and the first female kpop group to perform at sofi stadium in the us. yall bring that encore up all the time but momo’s had so many good performances and can sing pretty well for a main dancer but if we ask lisa to sing…say so cover lisa why are you on the floor?!


Wow, it’s horrible, how did she not get dragged for it?

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Lisa is fine with having the most streamed soloist song, she has already proven she can sing and stand on her own with critics praising her performance every concert! momo can’t relate 😆i need yall to pipe down on lisa and brining her into every argument dumbo


changbinstoes? is that you? still busy dragging Twice? are you that insecure that your fav will lost their chance?


they’re already rich and they still have loyal fans. it’s not that they go bankrupt or something to the “pitiful” extent


Twice already has everything, ok this one song isn’t really korean taste. But once they comeback with great song they popularity will rise again


Yall been saying this since 2018🤣


Twice write their own songs, never slack off on performances, and genuinely care about their fans and each other. They’re performing at stadiums in the US and have a loyal fanbase this far into their career. They have a discography that has hits like Cheer Up, TT, Fancy, DTNA, What is Love, Likey, and Heartshaker amongst many others which is a discography others would kill to have. They’re doing much better than their counterparts, and it’s weird how often they’re dragged for badly performing songs when groups like EXO have gone through the same.

And I know the main people happy about all this. Stays, Stray Kids will only ever be known as the group desperate to be BTS except with a shittier discography and no fame in their own home country due to the horrible and hideous bully plus inflated success in the west that will inevitably pop. Midzys, you’re embarrassing yourselves considering Itzy’s not even an afterthought in discussions of 4th gen gg popularity. Sones, SNSD will continue to wilt away with Taeyeon getting a new face every summer. And Blinks LMAO don’t get me started. Sorry Twice is successful even without deals with Spotify, Coachella, and YouTube. Sorry Twice don’t need to go to Target to promote their albums to be million sellers. Blackpink will disband because none of the girls care enough about each other and are so obsessed with white people, they’re probably salivating over being signed to an American company as soloists. Twice maybe don’t have the billion views Blackpink have (from their streaming farms) but that’s a relief because Twice’s success and popularity is organic, honest, and full of their hard work. Oh, and sorry Twice have never had lazy scandals or been mocked for their concert stages despite the 10 out 12 months their schedules are packed, it must be so hard for Blackpink to have to work hard for a month to practice 🙁


songs written by blackpink vs twice

bb hot 100
Bp – #59
twc – no entries

bb global excl. us
Bp – #1 25 weeks
twc – no entries

digital song sales
Bp – #9
twc – no entries

most streamed song
Bp: +400m +160m(b side)
twc: +30M

Bp – #2
Twc – 525


Tbh twice really look pitiful nowadays..that’s why i’m shock knowing they still renew their contract with jyp..out of 3 gg (rv-tw-bp) twice seem to be fall down a lot lately..they should just go venture to solo activities but then again their individuality is nowhere to be known in korea too..their main vocal dont even has many solo/ost song in 8 years in this industry and even no one has bright future in acting career..and they even fail to shine in variety show or mc gig..


They have their fandom, selling millions, and having stadium concerts.. Twice are fine, yall should worry about your faves instead 😘


Can’t wait them to ignore all the positive news about TWICE. Clowns for real.


This is getting ridiculous, they have consistent fanbase and doing more than fine. Girls are millioners and look happy and helathy, they’re still producing music, not slacking n still giving the same energy. Be fr they’re eraning more than 99% of k-pop and probably more than your faves.

Shu Yan

Onces are the most pitiful one here. They keep on believing twice is still the nation’s girl group 🤣🤣🤣

Saint Seungri

look at their faces 🙂 its a worst representatives of nation


all these twice posts are just proving that gg stans are the ones who vilely dragging these female idols and then blaming boygroup stans and screaming about double standards


Both Twice’s album & concerts sell better than Blinkpink in US. If they r flopping, what’s blackpink then?


Obviously both are poor nugu gg’s


Sell better where? Flopping on chart? Bp outdid themselves each cbs, can’t say the same for twice tho


Twice’s “ready to be” pre-order has already surpassed 160k+ in US (BP “born pink” 103k); Twice 5th world tour is doing stadium tour in Sofi & MetLife when BP is still at arena scale (and not sold out). All these r factual, go look it up.


160K units but only 7K from streams? No number 1 on US iTunes, no entry on US Spotify and Apple Music, even their MV did not trend number 1’on Youtube US. Really embarrassing. Fraudulent album sales indeed


highest grossing concert in the US by a kpop GG is currently owned by Blackpink. Let’s see if Twice can break that record and fill that 50K stadiums they booked. Please don’t flex that fraudulent album sales, 160K units but only 7K is from streams. So embarrassing. They didn’t even chart on US Spotify nor Apple, their MV is not even trending on Youtube USA


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They should not have renewed their contracts with jyp

Saint Seungri

why not its easy money for them. just learning easiest choreo and lipsync. succes without skills 🙂


Pfff… Easiest choreo. Meanwhile your fav contributes nothing in BigBang and still manages to be the most problematic out of them.

Saint Seungri

this post about floptvize 🙂 ur comment about nothing, do not typing once or army whore, dont know who u are


People just start to be interested in the new gen but twice still continues to be in the top gg and be super popular especially in the US where they are starting to be more and more known. I don’t know why they’re going at it like that on twice as this was completely the end for them. So many article to say same thing


Confirmed anti managing this website, jesus fking christ how obvious. Even blinks look classy compared to this.

Btw, where is the “TWICE Performs ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ On The Kelly Clarkson Show” topic? Oh wait, you can’t post anything positive about TWICE here you Slave Room sl*t.

Saint Seungri

mediocrity will be sitting on the contract for another 7 years 🙂 jyp flopped


To say Blackpink would be the same is false because both blackpink and twice are strong oversees but only one if them can still chart high on melon.


Twice is Legendary.


result of having 2 comebacks every year. GP eventually lose interest.


A troll post with 23 upvotes and 21 downvotes gets translated and posted on this site, while actual trending posts with thousands of upvotes get nothing.

I get that the admin is a Twice anti but this is pathetic…


why are they bring up bp? twice’s new songs aren’t bad, i just think koreans have moved on to 4th gen groups.

Third Time The Charm

If can’t do it TWICE, do it THRICE, then QUADRICE, etc. etc. Moral of story, this is only the beginning for TWICE they still have other “numbers” following two times.


pitiful?? when they just sold millions album, will hold a world tour concerts in stadiums, getting award from billboard, and so many more. at this point y’all just giving fake concern


Isn’t the one actually pitiful in this situation is the one writing the comments and the posters. Like imagine calling multi millionaires with huge following who are still backing them up pitiful. Like what’s actually is pitiful about them really? They have lived their life more luxurious than these commenters. They have money and fame which will help them sustain and gain loads more money. They are pretty and can easily marry the men on top. They don’t need your broke ass sympathy for anything. Like look at yourself first then look at them.
And calling a women flop just because cards are not working on their side rn is very very dangerous. Because you really don’t know when the cards move on their side.
Like instead of writing these pitiful posts of one could have spent time on them selves. They atleast wouldn’t lead to such flopass life fr. I mean their 1day income is more than your 5 years paycheck.

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I mean currently idek who is ruling the charts rn. Ask them and they will also don’t know😂😂😂😂
As much as they know about Twice. Like the obsession is severe.


MiSaMo are literally going to start their journey in Japanese market and I hope no other k-pop group can surpass them. That will be the highest karma kpop will ever get to treat twice like this. I hope Japanese market slip away from their hands for good. I hope Japanese people finally wake up and see all the racial shit these knetz hurls at them and stop wasting their hard earned money on their artist.
I hope China wakes up from their dream and look at this face of Korea too. They stop mass buying. Korea deserves nothing good.




Came back here to say twice got their win in Korea with this “flop” cb today.
So you can keep your “pity” to yourself and shove up in you *** idc.

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