TWICE reveals their 5th world tour ‘READY TO BE’ and netizens realize how popular TWICE is overseas


1. Wow I went to bed early yesterday ㅜㅜ I fell asleep without seeing this.. Daebak

2. Daebak, TWICE is so cool

3. Most streamed girl group in the US last year = TWICE, The only girl group in the US Billboard Top 10 album sales last year = TWICE, The only girl group to make it to the US Billboard Artist Year last year = TWICE.. TWICE is so popular in the US

4. Crazy, I thought about stadiums in Japan, but I was surprised to see stadiums in North America

5. Honestly, I think TWICE is seriously amazing. They have a lot of activities every year, but it’s great to see them keep growing… People say their concept won’t fit in the US, but looking at the size of the tour, they’re crazy

6. Daebak, I didn’t know they were so popular in the US

7. In 2022, only two K-pop singers entered the top 10 in US physical album sales, BTS and TWICE

8. People who mention BLACKPINK are really blind

9. TWICE finally made Park Jin Young’s dream come true

10. JYP-ah, let’s promote TWICE well ㅠㅠ People in Korea don’t seem to know that TWICE is doing well overseas

11. Isn’t TWICE’s album the best-selling among girl groups in the US?

12. Is it much bigger than BLACKPINK?

13. Well, TWICE is more popular overseas than I thought

14. I have to go to all the concerts in Korea and to the concerts in Japan!!

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dot com bubble

In addition, TWICE joins BTS as the only Asian acts to hold a concert at the SoFi and Met Stadium. Amazing how TWICE was seen as the inferior gg but they’re just quietly achieving things, it’s just without mediaplay lol.


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Remember how everyone was making fun of Twice, saying they won’t make it in America because they don’t have a girl crush concept? Look at my girls now, joining BTS at the ONLY kpop acts to EVER perform at the Sofi and MetLife stadiums.

Proud is an understatement fr! 😭

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Blink so mad on twitter 🤣🤣🤣, they got SEA fans only can’t relate 🤭


YG really got people believing Blackpink was THEE GIRLGROUP in the US lol. Meanwhile TWICE is achieving all these things in the largest and second largest music markets in the world.


They’re not popular here, yall are so funny




Where=delusional blinks mind

Obviously i can see why they are not popular where you are…


Not knetz opening their eyes to bp mediaplay after all these years


All those media play aint gonna give you a stable fanbase, twice is the proof that what you need to do is to build a steady fanbase first


twice has always super popular among american kpop fans. i think their company never gave them the chance to capitalize on it so american fans never showed out as much as they could have. i don’t think jyp even realized their popularity here until kcon a few years ago… also i don’t know when people will let go of the idea that bp is particularly popular in america, they’re definitely a well known gg but anyone who thinks they’re more popular than any other kpop group besides bts is misinformed

It's whatever

I’m against media play but Twice deserves more recognition, I don’t think i’ve seen JYP property bragging about their achievements.

When people think of Kpop groups BTS and BP comes to mind when Twice are far more successful than BP, JYP needs to step up their game


Now it’s only upto Jype. Jype has all the rights to brag twice in medias and all on large scale. Idk why they are not doing it. In the blindness of trying to make his bgp the most successful one he is forgetting about the diamond he is owning in the form of twice.
Twice are seriously so amazing and it’s upto Jype who can solidify their status once again as the top most ggp all around the world now.

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