TWICE sold over 720,000 copies on the first day of their 10th year

TWICE sold more than 720,000 copies on the first day

1. It’s amazing that TWICE sells on par with male idols

2. As expected, TWICE is amazing

3. This title song is also so good

4. TWICE and their fans are amazing…

5. Isn’t it surprising that this girl group is #1 in album sales in the US?

6. TWICE is still popular. They are amazing

7. After all, TWICE is still TWICE

8. Wow, it’s amazing that TWICE is able to do this in their 10th year


10. Daebak…. They are doing well overseas so they are receiving a lot of attention

11. I think TWICE is amazing!!!

12. I really like TWICE’s song so much that I want to see them on stage soon

13. As expected, TWICE is TWICE

14. I wish there were more girl groups that were active as long as TWICE, so even though I’m not a fan of TWICE, I still support them

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