TWICE’s failure to International Success

Ever since 2021, Twice has been looking to expand their fanbase, ONCE, internationally more than just Japan and Korea. Two K-pop groups with notable success and fan bases in more than three countries are BTS and BLACKPINK, which I assume JYP Entertainment wanted TWICE’s fandom to be like.

Ever since 2020, JYP has pushed TWICE to go on late-night shows, interviews on Seventeen or other similar channels, English versions of songs, and just in general, trying to get them in the western market. All failing.

TWICE’s first notable attempt at getting western and international success was Twice’s The Feels. The Feels was an all-English song, and it had little to some success. The Feels charted for 1 week at a low position, lower than Wonder Girls in 2008. The Feels had several remixes and was heavily discounted. The streams and views weren’t high globally either, with The Feels’ US Spotify debut being very low.


The title track of the album, “Scientist,” didn’t debut on Spotify US and debuted with less than a million streams. Scientist only charted in three official Billboard charts, and album tracks didn’t chart anywhere nor did Scientist chart in the Billboard Hot 100. The album itself did pretty well, other than the fact that it had a debut of 12 million on-demand streams on Billboard 200.

TWICE’s next album, Between 1&2, was a commercial success, but the album tracks performed poorly. The title track, Talk That Talk,” had a low debut on Spotify Global and US, and no album track debuted with over a million streams. Talk That Talk did not debut in the Hot 100 but did debut in Bubbling Under the Hot 100, a chart for songs that couldn’t make it into the Hot 100.

Their next two songs, Moonlight Sunrise and Set Me Free, also didn’t do that well globally. Set Me Free was released in two languages: English and Korean. Both versions didn’t make it into Spotify US and were out of Spotify Global 200 in two days, and the album was free-falling in streams.



Many groups can get album sales easily and have albums chart globally, such as Stray Kids and TXT, but their songs don’t chart well globally. Just like Twice, whose albums charted good in some countries but not their songs, which is why they have failed at international success. Though, their albums haven’t charted in many countries either.

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why are there tons of posts like this actually like why are people making this into a big deal


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It’s a great ideal because their fans are calling them “the biggest gg of all time”, they used to drag a lot of ggs before with the same thing which twice lack now: charts.
It’s karma.


Lol, not you loser talking abt it, when Twice is hated for just existing n they were hated from the start. Don’t act as if other groups didn’t join and make a whole ass hate-campign againt Twice n still can’t live without bashing them. You better worry abt your faves coz that karma will definetly catch your group)


karma for once. you all used to drag blackpink ig model years ago when they already charted in bbhot100 with ddu du ddu du but no daesang. and now still dragging the girl calling them the whore just because the photo with jeremy. likse seriously, without jeremy blackpink still charting high than Twice on bbhot100 Apple music Itunes. all once could be proud is your bb200 🤭. You guys should know without big numbers in pure sales group still can charted high bb200 and bbhot100. Let see twice on next bbhot100


“drag blackpink ig model years ago”
LMAO in your dream. blink are the one who always dragging Twice. even mocking Mina and JY health issues, telling them to leave even to end their life? y’all are so evil seriously. playing victim at it finest. blink should get an oscar for that. really good at attacking other fandom, but no wonder though, because there are lots of war inside the fandom as well🤭 dragging their bias groupmate and such.


Lol, I was talking abt losers blinks/blonks whatever like you. Onces never cared abt bp, and it was your fandom who started that anti-twice campaign. No wonder that such toxic fandom even hate each other within the fandom n have the most akgaes. Too pity girls don’t care abt group activities, so the stupid fans have nothing to do other than dragging other fandoms/groups))


Bp is still all those things.


Just like Twice you bring nothing to the table or conversation


And you, blonk? What are you bringing with this comment ?


dont you get tired to keep talking about karma? there’s nothing more to say than karma?


she’s correct tho. if you bored then dont click. this article basically for people to talk about twice flopping


lol your comprehension skill is so bad. did i said i bored? i was just asking if that person got nothing else to say aside from karma. karma this karma that.
Twice is far from flopping, your life is.


me when I talk about NJ


Theyvwere successful on korean and japanese charts for manyvyears. I feel like fhey should have focused on that rather than u.s. i know jyp is obsessed wifh u s success since wonder gurls failure. Looks like he will fail with twice as well


Haven’t been successful in Korea since More & More


They need a click. And since other fandom making fan of Twice that’s why there’s lot of post


Its known that gg fans dont stream or buy as much a bg, twice has always been a group with poor digital scores and the fans have alway rely on the gp for good results. Twice is just getting into the international market, i think saying that they are failing is a bit of a reach.


Melon genie bugs youtube chart is streaming app. What are you talking about? Twice used to get PAK in all korean streaming chart and 1st spot every release. Dont make another excuse for their weak chart performance. International market? Their digital & stream activity only +7000. Meaning very small people spinning to their song


They did because of the gp, the gp stream their songs, not fans. Twice is DTNA has awful digitals and its a fact, onces have always rely on the gp for the success of the group like every other gg stan. People are not streaming but its not different that anyother gg besides BP, they use to free fall after a day or two of release


Bg doesnt stream much either. They bull buy and many ggs are following thatvtrend. Buy ohysical albums but not stream


Clearly no-ones listening to them


they are literally about to be the first kpop girl group to play stadiums in the two biggest music markets in the world, they’re doing just fine. You on the other hand are clearly a miserable person who needs to pick up a hobby. These hate posts are getting embarrassing. It makes you look like an obsessed loser.


Let’s not talk big. Last time we said twice comeback will chart better. But see how bad we work. We talk big with the stream last year and now we are out of any streaming char


Have u ever thought about applying for a job


Are we going for a record? Like I’ve not seen any group getting so many posts )


Oh wow you’re genuinely an actual loser?!


Wow changbinstones really working hard, seems like stray kids fans really hate Twice 😭😭😭. I thought jype mediaplay them as next BTS is not enough 🤭


idk why stays are making all these posts they’re in the same boat as twice lmaooo


How many times are you gonna milk this 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


I’m not even a fan but why are yall writing essays on Twice’s success or lack of it on Pannkpop, is that really how you want to spend your Tuesday? 😭


How it feels to be a ‘Slave room’ member you donkey ass admin?


lol glad someone said it


Charts flop


Ouchhh..nobody care about them anymore..not international nor their own nation..their fans claim they dont care about k-chart but at the same time they reach nothing in international in other word they are free falling in their own country and globally..i guess after this their lightstick just gonna stay in the museum..


bb200 is their main priorities, not bbhot100


some fandom got threatened by twice going international i guess


twice is trying to go international for years now, it’s not new or a threat

Jon Xina

Admin is a Stay lol. What do we expect.


has been waiting for them to crack bbhot100 ATLEAST top 40. but i guess it wont happened. Yes everyone threatened when they chart bubbling under.


They’re flopping
Whos buying those albums in US cuz streams says they dont have fans here!!


Stop trying to brainwash people to think that twice is a nugu. Because if they are then 90% of the industry would love to be nugu like them


no one calling them nugu. they call them ‘flop’

Saint Seungri

stop lying. No one cares abt tvize except sk and japan. But now their succes here is over too No celebrity factor like bp, they dont have jennie or lisa, they have dahyeon and jeongyeon lol

seungri is a pimp

a pimp fan is here? wow you are so fast


nothing, literally nothing bad happened
changbinstoes : let’s make a long ass essay to brainwash people that Twice is failed to secure my fav place in global market.

the insecurity smells so strong coming from you, changbinstoes.


Ijbol bringing in jnktowell hate tweets as support is insane and you need to kys for encouraging that grown pedo with the Woonyoung avi

Jon Xina

You can tell admin who wrote this was a Stay. I wonder if Twice is an international failure with 2 Hot 100 entries how must Changbin feel since that’s his dream to enter the chart but never has?

Jon Xina

And you bias, Stray Kids couldn’t even sell out their last tour. Even their Australian dates with two members form that country didn’t sell out.

Jon Xina

You bias Chanbin speaking.

Yet Twice have 2 already and more to come and are playing stadiums in the US,Stray Kids wont be playing So Fi since several NA dates didn’t sell out in their last tour.
I wonder if Twice have 2 Hot100 entries and you consider them a failure, but your bias Chanbin is sitting up dreaming of that and doesn’t have it after 6 years in the industry do you consider him and Stray Dogs a failure? Must do lol


Stays need to start minding their own business. Always doing the most and then turning around and crying when Stray Kids get jumped every 9-5 business days. Like y’all need to stop annoying every fandom out there.

Did y’all forget how kpop twt banded together to drag SKZ cause of y’all?


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no fucking way y’all taking screen shots from a racist just to justify your post


I mean


Twice literally has a second hand fandom. They couldn’t score a million seller album until a certain bg, announced they’re disbandment, I mean hiatus. It’s the only reason they have sales and no stream to speak of.


That encore really hurt them uh


their music isn’t bad, i think their main audience (koreans) have just moved onto other groups and have lost their interest in them

Internationally Famous

As a representative of all nations, I think TWICE is not a failure in international market… It just that we’re too busy with life.


Get a life. You need it. Touch some grass. Get a job.

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