TWICE’s new song on domestic and international music charts

TWICE’s new song on domestic and international music charts

Domestic (Melon)

#114 on the daily chart

Global Spotify – They didn’t make the top 200

Countries where they entered Spotify:

1. They didn’t do anything wrong so why are they being criticized so much?;;;

2. When you’re worried about TWICE’s music scores and criticizing them, please think about your own life. No matter how much you criticize them, TWICE still lives happily and better than you. I feel sorry for people who like to criticize others. Why do they live like that?

3. I like this song! Please listen to it a lot

4. Even though their musical performance was a bit disappointing, they were still on tour and doing so well. Just worry about your own life

5. It seems like there are a lot of people who depend on TWICE’s music charts

6. They are inherently the group with the most hit songs among 3rd generation female idols

7. Their album sold 750,000 copies in two days, which is amazing

8. It seems like there aren’t many people waiting for their music in Korea anymore

9. They said they still have a lot of fans, but I wonder if the scale of the tour will be smaller

10. They make more money from touring than from music

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