Two Koreans selected as Japan’s ‘Person of the Year 2023’ (including entertainment and sports)

Selected by 298,034 readers of Japanese Model Press


1. Previously I saw NewJeans and Jungkook among the celebrities of the year voted by Japanese teenagers

2. NewJeans and Jungkook are amazing

3. It’s been a few years since Jungkook last performed on stage in Japan, but he’s amazing

4. Has NewJeans officially promoted in Japan? They are so popular, they rank 2nd

5. Jungkook is amazing

6. Jungkook is also so popular in Japan

7. NewJeans is really popular

8. Haven’t NewJeans officially debuted in Japan yet? Daebak

9. They are rabbits 🐰🐰

10. Wow, this survey was conducted on 290,000 people. Daebak

11. NewJeans and Jungkook ㅋ 6 rabbits

12. Jungkook’s solo was amazing 👏👏👏 NewJeans is daebak

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