Two-shot of BTS V x Park Bo Gum attending the Celine event

1. V is so handsome

2. The two of them are handsome with different vibes

3. Park Bo Gum’s face and head are so small, I envy him. V’s blonde hair is so pretty, he’s so handsome

4. I love this combination, V is so cool

5. Wow… I was surprised when I saw Park Bo Gum in real life and he looks so handsome, I’m curious about V too

6. Park Bo Gum is crazy

7. V looks so pretty with blonde hair

8. Wow… V is crazy, he’s so handsome

9. Wow, all I can see is Park Bo Gum

10. Park Bo Gum’s body proportions are crazy

11. I can only see that V is really handsome

12. I think V would look much better with black hair…

13. Park Bo Gum’s body proportions are so good

14. Wow, both look like mannequins

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