Two stages that are considered legendary among all MAMA stages

2014 GD Taeyang

2017 BTS

1. I admit to these two stages

2. I fell in love with BTS after watching that stage

3. BTS is amazing, I became a fan because of that stage

4. That’s right, the first time I watched Jungkook’s fancam was MAMA ‘Mic Drop’ in 2017… I still remember the thumbnail

5. GD and Taeyang’s stages are seriously legendary

6. I watched MAMA 2014 with my school friends and I still remember it

7. I agree

8. I often watch Good Boy, and GD’s rap is so good

9. I remember watching BTS at home and spontaneously standing up to applaud after the performance ended

10. GD and Taeyang’s stages are really famous even among other fans

11. BTS has many legendary stages but that performance still makes my heart flutter

12. BTS has many legendary stages

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