TWS ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ suddenly climbed to #47 on Melon Top 100

TWS ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ reached at #47 on Melon Top 100

1. Because they were criticized a lot, I was curious so I went to YouTube and watched their videos. I only know Shinyu, but these guys are good and their songs are so fresh

2. I’m listening to it.. I like this song because it’s so bright

3. This is my favorite song so I always listen to this song and I really like it ㅜㅜ Seriously, I think I’ve listened to it more than TWS fans

4. It’s good except for the rap part, but I think muggles can skip it because of the rap part

5. As expected, Big Bang, Bangtan and TWS

6. I’m listening to it every day these days…

7. I love this song so much

8. No, I’m not a fan but I listen to this song every day

9. Fans seem to be streaming so diligently…

10. This is a normal trend

11. I’m not a fan of TWS but I like this song so I listened to it!!

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