TWS talks about competing with RIIZE and wants to receive Daesang within 3 years

‘Rookie Award’ TWS “We want to receive Daesang within 3 years”… Refreshing beauty ↑, ‘plot twist’ syndrome continues

TWS made their comeback at the same time as RIIZE, who is also known as the representative of the 5th generation. Regarding this, when asked if they felt competitive with RIIZE, Youngjae said: “Every time we meet RIIZE seniors backstage, we always exchange warm greetings. I want to grow together for a long time in the future. Many seniors are also making comebacks, it’s an honor to stand together on stage.”

Kyungmin said: “I want to win Daesang at the awards ceremony within the next 1 or 2 years.”

1. They’re so shameless

2. I can’t believe the music charts these days because of these idols

3. I guess they thought they would get Daesang with ‘plot twist’

4. I really don’t know why they are so confident

5. Wow, look at the comments here… They don’t even know they’re writing malicious comments

6. Are they too proud of the fake fame they got thanks to sajaegi?

7. Do they really think that they are ranked high because their music is good?… Seems like they don’t know the truth

8. But among the rookies, there is no one as famous as these guys

9. Damn, please improve your skills first

10. Isn’t this the group that constantly gets told that their music rankings are weird?

11. I think they’ll get it this year

12. They are rookies but they don’t mention the Rookie of the Year award but instead talk about Daesang

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