TXT, album sales surpassed 1 million copies but the song didn’t enter the Top 100

1. I like TXT’s songs and they’re getting bigger.. Never mind that reporter

2. Isn’t it because they have a lot of foreign fans? A group with a lot of domestic fans will have good music rankings, and if they have a lot of foreign fans, only their albums will sell well

3. But didn’t their song make it to the Top 100? Did that reporter intentionally write this article?

4. Except for BTS, aren’t all male idols like that?

5. But the gap is too big, this is why the domestic music market seems weird

6. Looks like that reporter doesn’t know much about male idols

7. The song is good, but why… The songs in this album are also good~ I hope they get better

8. I just know that they are BTS’ hoobaes and I don’t know any of their songs

9. Aren’t they popular in Korea? I think they are the best 4th generation boy group

10. It’s because the foreign fandom is so much bigger than the domestic fandom, but… you guys are just jealous of them

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