TXT doing ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ challenge with BTS Jimin

1. He looks shy, but he looks so youngㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. No, why does Jimin look like a kid?

3. Wow Jimin is getting younger and younger

4. TXT members are so tall and good at dancing.. Jimin looks so young and cute

5. Jimin, why are you so shy?

6. Jimin is 29 years old, but he looks like he is 19 years old

7. He still seems shy with TXT dongsaengsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. No, but this is Jimin’s face in BTS’s first album??

9. No, are the TXT members big? Why does Jimin look so small?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Jimin, why aren’t you getting old??

11. I’m looking forward to Yeonjun and Jimin’s solo song challenge in March!!!!!!

12. Jimin looks so shyㅋㅋ His face is back when he just debutedㅋㅋ

13. Big Hit family is the best

14. TXT Soobin and Beomgyu are really tall and handsome

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seungri is free

Stupid song + ugly botoks golem pigmin = double cringe 🐷

White cat

Stop talking about what your mom scream about you.




focus on criminal seungri


His beauty drives you crazy 🤡 we love to see that


Ok ugly rapist stan


Stanning an ugly racist is hardly worse than stanning an ugly twink.

Only girl groups are worth stanning (and BTS don’t count as a girl group despite most of them identifying as women)


Wow, you actually defending a whole tried and convicted rapist just bc you’re insecure over other ppl’s masculinity is new levels of effed up. Yikes.


That seungri fan is a robot right, he is faster than moa and armys wtf

Last edited 1 month ago by Pink

pannkpop really should bring back disqus back , some of the things they said are quite concerning especially about female idols. With this current system, we can’t even report or flag their comments


obsessive jobless freak for real

Taste that savage

I wish my fav slvthyung was as talented as pigmin and floptxt ☹

Miss Mochi

You are obsessed with bts. Is BP giving you no content?


get a job


Meanwhile all of blackpink getting the holes drilled for flopped deals in YGs basement. You literally have STDennie in your group who is famous for being a slut. Stay seated.


If I was a fan of such an idol I would go crazy too kdjdjfjfjf


BTS really suck at being men and excel at being women.

It’s hilarious and everyone laughs at armies just like how everyone laughs at male anime addicts who sleep with anime “waifu” body pillows.


and what’s wrong with excelling at being feminine? your misogyny is showing you fat blink.


What’s wrong with being feminine? You blinks are just misogynistic but call everyone else that. Oh the irony!

dot com bubble

Now it’s basically confirmed that you and 5 other “accounts” are just one and the same person. I see you keep using the same photo. My god imagine commenting first on a post not even about your own fav, really embarrassing jobless behavior 💀

Handsome Hyunjin

3 jumpscares eww

White cat

Your mom when she see you after the birth.


says the one who stans hyunjin lmaoooo 😂😂😂

Ugly Hyunjin

No, there is just one ⤵️


It’s true that Jimin looks younger than txt members, looking forward to their album release. 

P.S: antis appear very fast in posts about BTS, it’s obvious that their flop groups don’t give them content.🤭


TXT IS VERY high!! They are so beautiful and dance so well that I am head over heels in love with them💗💗💗


for real, jm looks so ugly and short here. and i thought he was the main dancer? why is he dancing like that??? txt ate by miles


He even looked bad when he danced alongside Suga for that run bts tiktok dance challenge 😂

White cat

A tiktok video . It’s a tiktok video. Lol


So what if it’s on tiktok? He can be lazy or not showing off?


But txt did so well and it’s a tiktok video. Why can’t the senior do that too?


And they said jimbo is the dancer😂


Jimin has nothing to prove when it comes to dancing lol. He’s a busy man and not everything has to be done so seriously. He has uploaded quite a few dance videos even recently. He’s obviously just vibing and being cute effortlessly here while you and your “buddy” over there stay pressed.


You people are sick. Stop trolling around. Youre leaving a digital footprint


Everyone except for ARMY can see how much less attractive he is compared to these guys.

Newsflash Army pedos – the vast majority of women do not think “small” “shy” “young” men are their ideal types. In fact, most think that is a huge turnoff.

(Especially when the small, shy, young man has a face full of makeup 😂…)

White cat

Every normal human being see troll as pathetic and miserable shit. Yet you still hatre begging for attention Larry. You mom doesn’t love you huh.


I am not trolling.

BTS fans consistently show weird gay pedophilia tendencies. They idealize small, delicate, young-looking men whereas normal, healthy females strongly prefer the opposite.

It’s a very real problem and ARMY won’t admit it and instead just insist everyone else is a “troll”.

White cat

It’s just a tiktok video. It’s not an audition footage. Calm your flat ass..


Jiminie is so cute here.


twink vibes


*Midpinks fandom



He’s literally the queen of twinks at this point.

What’s hilarious is a bunch of fat ARMY girls will spend all day reading BTS boylove fiction but then act all butthurt when any non-ARMY says “wow… these BTS guys sure seem feminine and gay…”

Newsflash you ARMY losers – nobody infantilizes, feminizes, and homosexualizes BTS as much as their deranged loser fans. 🤡🤡🤡


Jiminie is coming on March 24th🥳🥳


Hes like Beyonce everyone knows him 😭


Everyone? Most know BTS but not individually. Pjms live in their bubble, they think people know their fave’s name lol


Jimin keeps getting younger and younger haha. CUTE!


Im a MOA and I was really looking forward to their tiktok. ARMYS were posting old pictures and I realized Jimin looks like he’s 19 in the video



If we believe ARMY at face value then these are the qualities that ARMY find attractive in men 😬🚩🚩🚩. BTS fans always give off pedo vibes…🤢🤮

Another, more realistic interpretation of the BTS phenomenon is that ARMY are drawn to BTS due to maternal instincts – as if BTS are their precious little babies🤱. When nobody is looking they coddle BTS and pinch their cheeks but whenever anybody criticizes their baby boys ARMY go into mana bear mode and insist their “little men” are “handsome big boys!” 🙄

Another plausible interpretation is the phenomenon where females don’t realize that the qualities they like in male friends is the opposite of the qualities they are romantically attracted to. Females always ACT like being nice and gentle is exactly what women want instead of “toxic jerks”. When they see BTS they INSIST these guys are the true prize women want because they are the most neutered, effeminate nice guys…

But we all know this is just gaslighting, as women always “just want to be friends” with such guys when the guy wants to date them. Instead, it’s the guy who is more arrogant and aggressive that gets their romantic attention but the females don’t want to admit it.😂

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Last edited 1 month ago by Larry

All these words just to let us know you’re an actual freak of nature. Seek mental help ASAP.


You are sexually attracted to small, shy, young-looking boys.

Get help.


Nice of you to be so obviously interested in my sexual life, but quite frankly, I’m as asexual as one can be, so… where exactly do we go from here? 🤔

Get off the internet and quit trying to troll; you look pathetic as fuck and the only thing you’re doing in these comments is expose how sick and twisted your way of thinking actually is.

seungri is free

why are u talking about women 🙂 btAss fans is 12yo braindead girls or more mature pitiful subhumans. Just look at their faces on btAss concerts. army of zombie

White cat

The brain dead is you . Just like how your mom wishes you are dead whenever she see your stupid ass.


No one read that you musty twink

White cat

So much bullshit come from an empty brain . That not a TED talk.that just a pathetic attempt on sounding smart. You sound dumb actually. Your parent clearly failed to educated your stupid ass.


it’s crazy how ugly all three are…


The bar for Korean guys is literally underground.

White cat

Stop talking about what your mom said to you everyday.


Bitches on this site are more obsessed with Jimin and BTS than ARMYs themselves lmao

Anyways. Jimin slayed, as per usual. TXT did too (they’re actual giants like WOW, caught me off guard for a sec ngl).


I can’t wait for what he is going to put out. He has not aged a bit


Only jin and jungkook that have best visual. Rest of bts member seems ugly ass

White cat

The ugly one is you here. Stop acting like anyone find your pathetic ass attractive. Stop projecting your miserable ass.


Nah they both uglyy af. Jungkook had the worst plastic surgery but he is quite manly so that’s the only reason he and Rm stands out a bit.


You must be blind


omg time is being merciless with Jimin


crazy how his fans still call him little baby😂


pannkpop either needs to turn off their comment section or moderate them better bc it’s so tiring to come to every post and see a sea of downvoted troll comments

dot com bubble

@pannkpop Fucking bring back disqus, your comment section is full of spam and you’re not even moderating. 🙄

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