TXT is receiving a lot of praise for their live encore stage on Music Bank today

‘Music Bank’ TXT ‘Deja Vu’ 1st place encore fancam | @Music Bank 240412

1. They did much better than yesterdayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are amazing

2. Huening Kai sings comfortably without effort

3. I feel like they did much better todayㅋㅋ!!!!!

4. Taehyun is so good

5. Yesterday they did well but they certainly did better today

6. They did so well!!!! They must have had a hard time with their high notes, but they sang live so well

7. Yeonjun must have felt a lot of pressure but he did so well, he has a good personality and is kind

8. They all sing well but Huening Kai sings live so well

9. It’s good that Yeonjun kept his promise

10. The live encore stage was so good

11. I guess he was in bad shape on M Countdown, Yeonjun could even reach that vocal range

12. Wow, they are so good

13. It’s not a song that’s easy to listen to but it’s really good

14. Everyone did well

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