TXT was praised for their encore stage on M Countdown today

TXT won 1st place on M Countdown today + Encore

1. Wow, they performed live well

2. The encore stage is good

3. They did well… Congratulations on winning 1st place!!!

4. Wow the encore stage is good

5. Do they do an encore stage right after the live performance? It must be so hard, they are good

6. I heard that they have tight schedule. Congratulations to TXT for winning 1st place

7. They are so tall

8. Huening Kai did so well

9. Huening Kai is really stable and so good

10. Everyone is good but Taehyun is so good. Congratulations on winning 1st place!!

11. I watched the encore stage on M Countdown last week and these guys are doing much better

12. Taehyun is so good

13. Taehyun and Huening Kai are especially good

14. I think they did well

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