TXT Yeonjun fans are buying too many bot followers And interactions on his personal account

Yeonjun, a member of Tomorrow x Together, opened his account in December 2021 and And published his first posts in January 2022‪

He posted about 97 posts, received 5 million likes on 3 posts, and went viral

But after checking reliable sites, it turned out that half of his interactions were fake and were purchased by his fans

The site showed that its total interactions were about 14.10 and the likes did not exceed 2.5m likes and about 20.9k.

It also showed that the fake number of followers is about 13.54%, which is approximately 70.54% of the account’s followers

He also started losing his interaction months ago, as his posts do not exceed 2M

The last post that received 3m likes was on January 19, almost 3 months ago

Therefore, it is clear that from the beginning his interactions were fake by his fans and he did not get real interactions exceeding 3M, unlike the idols of his generation, where their contributions ranged between 3M and 4M.

Purchasing of followers and likes by Tomorrow x Together fans must be stopped

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