TXT’s concert director makes fans so happy

This is legendary

Seriously even with microphone..

VCR is crazy too..


Even the sky on the way home

TXT concert, from the direction and planning, and the stages are all so good

1. Seriously, it’s the best concert out of all the concerts I’ve been to

2. The stage director did so well, but the kids sang and danced so well ㅠㅠ Let’s go to a bigger place

3. Oh, they had a concert. I love TXT’s songs!! The stage was so beautiful

4. I really want to go there ㅠㅠㅠ

5. Does anyone know who the director is?

6. It was a really great concert ㅠㅠㅠㅠ It was so cool

7. Wow, the stage was amazing, the singers, the director, everyone worked hard

8. I really like it. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.. I could see the kids having fun while performing

9. Seriously, it was so good

10. Wow daebak, the fans must have been so happy

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i’ve been waiting for a post about their concert 🥺 it’s seriously so fun even watching it online, i can’t imagine how much better it is offline. sadly i won’t be going to one even though they are coming to my country 🤧 it’s far from where i live and plane tickets are expensive.


It was a great 2 days even watching online…I’m looking forward to New York this weekend


this looks so amazing but i’m wondering how they’re going to translate these to the small ass stages in the US theaters.


its so unfair right, they have so many fans there and most of them wont be able to go

True Stan

The stage was seriously beautiful and the way they sang and danced was just more beautiful. It was a great combo 💖


You can say whatever you want about HYBE, but if there’s one thing you cannot deny is the value they put into their concerts/performances.


i want to gooooooooooooooo but they never come to london…… we have so many moas here in the south east and we meet up regularly, we’ve been trying to get art exhibits and cafes too

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