TXT’s fandom is alleging that the male idol who goes to the club is another idol

“The person in that club wasn’t Kang Taehyun. The place where Kang Taehyun went is the club where BTS used to perform, fabricated content was posted on that account for the purpose of making Taehyun get hate! Everyone, don’t be sad, go to bed early. Everyone and the MOAs were confused! This is that man”

The male idol who was involved in an incident a few years ago is now accused of being the one who went to the club

I guess their fans are minors so they all believe it and spread it

International roach-fans are spreading it

1. Can anyone explain why BTS appeared in that tweet? The club where BTS used to perform? Was there such a place?

2. Anyone can see that he’s a member of TXT, how do fans not know their idol’s face?

3. What’s wrong with going to the club?

4. I don’t care if he goes to the club or not, but his fans are doing stupid things

5. More than half of their fandom is elementary school students

6. They don’t even know their idol’s face

7. Do they think other people’s eyes are decorations?

8. He’s an adult, but he can’t go to the club..??;; Why?

9. I guess they don’t want to believe this

10. They only hear what they want to hear and believe only what they want to believe

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thats clearly taehyung
i recognize his nose


Taehyun not Taehyung πŸ™„


πŸ™„πŸ™„ eat a dick pussy ass bitch


are you fcking blind or dumb? not only you can’t read you also can’t comprehend the whole article


his fans shouldn’t deny that he did went to the club tho, they can refute about other things like I saw some people said he sa-ed, receiving h/ads like those videos don’t even look like it ☠️ but I didn’t get the bts correlation tbh like why they were bringing up BTS πŸ€”


People really need one shit to make up things like bruh πŸ˜‚ atleast make it make believable

And as bts lol I think that person is just trying to save his face esp with what yoongi said not realising the club yoongi was talking about is in Japan not sk πŸ™„ these people smh


Good luck MOAs


I get that fans want to protect him, but with such an embarrassing excuse ? πŸ’€


Why involve BTS at all πŸ’€ solve your problems yourself please

Color color stan

Why are moas so stupid lol??? involving armys is the last thing youd wanna do cause armys be throwing everybody under the bus for bts and theyll sure as hell won’t be merciful to bts privileged idols lol

Color color stan

Like blinks are already up their ass cause that boy isn’t getting backlash while miss jennifer got dragged so bad and they wanna involve armys? πŸ˜‚

uga uga

100% dumb move who could only be done by middle schoolers

dot com bubble

MOAs are on Twitter saying a member of BTS was in that photo but I saw the uncensored photo and the man on the pic has blonde hair like TXT Taehyun. How are they gonna say it’s a BTS member when nobody in BTS is blonde rn? LMAO. At least make it believable.

Last edited 7 months ago by dot com bubble

moas should just sit down and let this issue fade.. there’s nothing to defend because there’s nothing wrong in the first place.. πŸ™„


First of all, this is such a non-issue. But these lunatics would rather gaslight and harass other idols and streamers than just… accept that their idol is a normal guy that goes to clubs and meets women, because then that would shatter their parasocial relationship with their pure and pristine ‘oppa’…lmao

A lot of these fandoms, especially of groups from big companies, really have that mob mentality…and they move like mobs too. It’s actually disturbing.

Last edited 7 months ago by ARRA

not moas trying to drag both bts and the boyz into this mess, that’s the pic of q with daisy at a bar ctfu


Look at these crazy idiots . He is my bias and it was totally obvious it’s taehyun . Why are they trying to say that’s not him? He just went clubbing


Those moa have to be middle schoolers lmao no one believes that shit and no one cares that Taehyun went to a boring club

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