TXT’s new album’s first week sales ranked 4th in first week album sales in history

2.18 million copies

First week album sales ranking of all time

1. I’m so proud of them ㅠㅠ

2. I think it will be the most memorable album for both the members and the fans

3. Congratulations

4. But the quality of this album is really good, all the songs are good

5. I really like this album

6. HYBE sells albums so well

7. The song and stage are really crazy this time ㅋㅋ

8. All the songs are so good

9. TXT is already popular all over the world, including Korea, US, Japan and China

10. I really like this album, so I keep listening to it

11. Big Hit is amazing

12. Now they’re the group that’s behind BTS

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I really like Thier songs


Hybe is doing very well good for them let’s also promote BTS’ solos 🙂


I went to the store to buy another album today but it was all sold out… Sigh. They had like 50 albums on release day

One more txt article to push the stupid dating rumor off the related posts please!!! lmao

Sophie Kate

Organic. I like that. I wish other groups could follow in BTS footsteps and have fans who are willing to spread their favs art around without using fraudulent tactics. Like NCT127 and their fans who are cheating to get to the top 20 on melon bugs flo and vibe.


Typical army barking without receipt.

Another Guest

This is why ggs, even if they’re dominating music charts, would have a hard time replicating the daesang sweep BTS made in the big 3: GDA, MMA, MAMA cause bgs are really good at physical sales. They have a really dedicated and loyal fandom. But ggs do have a chance to do it in MMA.

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