TXT’s solo fans are exposed for buying views for their biases

K-netz comment on the strange gain in views of TXT members Soobin and Yeonjun. 

The view gap with the other members is very suspicious.

Huening Kai: 9.3K views

Beomgyu: 10K views

Soobin: 190K views

Taehyun: 8.2K views

Yeonjun: 260K views

Videos were posted 18-19 hours ago

The gap between views and likes is also not common:

Yeonjun: 261K views, 11K likes

Soobin: 196K views, 17K likes

“The likes are so weird and the views are the only ones that are abnormally high? It’s not like theirs had 200K views and other members had 100K views. Others have 10K while these two have 200K views. Isn’t it oba?” – The original post says. 

Other comments from Knetz:

“Yeonjun’s video went up 70K views in 30 minutes just now”

“It’s obvious that their views are boughtㅋㅋㅋ” 

“But why are bought views an issue though? > Because they are faking their popularity”

“I think that they just wanted to set new recordsㅋㅋㅋ” 

Chinese Bars (Chinese Fanbases) have long been known for making massive purchases to demonstrate their strength and the popularity of their biases. Apparently the competition to make your bias look the most famous is getting even more intense for Chinese solo fans.

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