V Kim Taehyung’s image change before and after Seojin’s


Seojin’s Kim Taehyung

1. Before, only fans knew this, but now everyone who watches Seojin’s knows this

2. Every time I see him wearing mask, I burst out laughingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I mean only we know how cute our bear is, but now everyone knows about his cutenessㅋㅋㅋ

4 I laughed a lot when he said that he drank 4 glasses of juiceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Hul, now everyone knows that our Taehyung is so cute

6. His image is so cool on stage but that’s his image in real life… Taehyung tried to hide it, but now he can’t hide it anymore..

7. He’s f*cking cute

8. Everyone knows that our Taehyung is cuteㅋㅋㅋ

9. Our Taetae, now everyone knows he’s so cute

10. He’s so cute and funny ㅠㅠ

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aaa so happy for him

Michelle LOURA

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He’s so unattractive now
Jungkook better


the way you’re under taehyung’s post one second after it was posted and even before taehyung’s fans says a lot about yourself


We know you are not a jk stan just trying to set up my dude get lost taekook both are extremely attractive go cry somewhere else

dot com bubble

They’ve been doing this for many posts here. Last time it was on a Hobi post setting Taehyung up. So sad some fall for the bait. Obviously the people who comment like this aren’t really fans but antis and solo stans.

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I can smell from miles that this person is a troll, setting up members against e/o. The amount of akgaes I have dealt with ik how they sound 🤣 I just hope people stop falling for these trolls

White cat

Your family hate you.

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Here comes the motherless freaks 😒


Even you don’t believe that 😂😂


Why you setting my dude Jungkook like that? 😭


The way everyone knows you’re a troll because of how ridiculously false your statement is 😭😭😭
Denying tae’s beauty is like denying oxygen or air.
You’re a blink and you just want us to drag jungkook. Next time try saying something that is not this ridiculously absurd 😭💀


A jobless solo again 💀


Seriously now everyone will know how cute and adorable Taehyung is 😭 but seojin’s also showed on of his least appreciate side i.e. how he is a silent hardworker even in bts it was something that only hardcore fans know I mean as a grp they are all known for their hardwork but individually you will only see bighit/fandom hyping some members like jm, jk, or jin which they absolutely are but tae is very silent when it comes to this. Remember how no one has any idea about tae’s slot in concert and how he had to perform 8songs and a medley back to back without any break coz while other members performed their solos in a unit of two he was doing it alone. Yeah he is that kind of human being. I really respect him for that


Bc those membres often showed it, he didn’t


More like because hybe didn’t show it that side of him more, they rarely highlighting him


Yeah they rarely highlight those parts, yk he is often seen working really hard despite not being in the best condition physically yet they always skip it in behind the scenes while others are highlighted.

White cat

How can you know how kind of him if the company is hiding it? Do you live with tae or what? I think most of the footage is between seven of them. That why almost all army know his kindness and the way he being cute with the other member.

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Do you understand the meaning of silent hardworker? Na pd, seojin’s yumi all emphasised on how he used to silently work hard. And those members don’t show it, its the company that shows it.


There are multiple videos and instances showing his kindness. Antis and ignorant people like you deliberately try to ignore it cuz it doesn’t go with the cold rude image that you guts have made up about him in your head. Cuz in no way kpop fans can accept that a guy as goodlooking as taehyung can be so perceptive, sweet, gentle, kind and pure. He is by far the most selfless bts member and is so full of love for everyone.


& how is he supposed to show ppl how much of a caring & hardworking person he is when his characteristic is doing all of that secretly & silently.
the company should show it.like how they show the other member’s hard works.all this him performing multiple songs back to back in the concert when in backstage the other members where laying on the floor with oxygen masks on their mouth cause they couldn’t even sit is sth fans found out from a min scene in hours long content.he did it the whole world tour.him being portrayed a lazy & careless member who just plays around & doesn’t work as hard as others as if all that dominance on stage comes from the sky is strangely normalized & that’s not ok at all.

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dot com bubble

ARMYs have always been aware of Taehyung being a softie but casual listeners alwys thought he was cold cause he has an RBF and he always looks so cool and chill on stage. Now even ordinary people can see why fans call him a bear lol.


Taehyung has that duality, sexy aura on stage and the funny guy off stage. Army we know it very well. 


They are comparing on stage vs off stage, ofc they are different 💀

Just tell me you have never watched BTS content. He’s always been like this.


King of duality


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So happy for him. Congratulations to the Jinny’s Kitchen too for the huge success!

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