‘V kissed Jennie’s forehead’ new photos of them dating on Jeju Island go viral

‘Nth dating rumor’ Jennie ♥ V, you dated in Jeju island, right?

New photos of V and Jennie, allegedly on their date to Jeju island, have surfaced online today

1. I’m frustrated with their agencies… What the hell are they doing…?

2. But what I’m curious why their agencies didn’t respond.. There are a lot of photos of them leaked online..

3. We should not focus on their love, we have to catch criminals who are infiltrating and leaking their private lives

4. Why did they reveal other people’s private lives and make a fuss? If they’re dating, leave them alone

5. Are reporters crazy?

6. It’s weird that BTS and BLACKPINK idols are comfortable hanging out outsideㅋㅋㅋ Of course, that’s why the photos were taken… I bet they were prepared for the rumor

7. Why are you bothering the two of them like this? Leave them alone

8. Well, V kissed Jennie’s forehead.. I still can’t believe this

9. They look good together, they have a beautiful love, and those who leaked the photos should be punished

10. The photos are so cute, they look like college students on a date

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