“V should leave HYBE” Big Hit promotes accounts impersonating singers under the company

Big Hit promotes accounts impersonating singers under the company

Today, a link to an impostor account was attached and promoted on Big Hit’s account

The number of people following that impostor account increased from 800 to 230,000 in just one day

This is the first time a company has promoted an account impersonating an artist

1. Seeing things like this, I wish BTS would stop renewing their contract with HYBE. I wish BTS would start their own company

2. They said there are a lot of staff taking care of BTS… I don’t understand why they can’t work

3. I’m so curious about who manages the SNS public accounts. It’s been a few years since they started lacking members, but now they’re even promoting impostor accounts. Nothing has changed

4. Why did they do this to V??? V should leave HYBE for his fans

5. I wonder if there is an anti of V among the staff

6. I don’t understand why Big Hit does that?

7. This is crazy… How long will Big Hit be like this?

8. They say there are 100 staff members supporting BTS, but when you look at what they do, it seems like there aren’t even 10 staff members…

9. Wow, the fans must be really upset, it seems like they haven’t changed even though fans keep reminding them

10. Why do they always do this to V?

11. Are they idiots? They can’t even do the basics

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