“V should leave the group, seriously” Netizens talk about how BTS V’s dating news is #1

V’s dating news is #1

“V on Jennie’s bed?… “The waters are getting higher” seeing the scandalous photos

[+140, -8]

1. [+128, -10] Anyways, it’s still the #1…. So congrats ARMYs

2. [+105, -1] V has always said that his dream is to become a good father, so I’m not even surprised.. Be happy

3. [+90, -15] No, I don’t think they’ll actually get married;;; Has there ever been an idol couple like that?

4. [+65, -10] ㅋㅋ When he does this, does he think how the other members will feel? ㅠㅠ Honestly, they are a group…

5. [+46, -18] But I heard that this bed is super expensive… Jennie even sleeps on luxury beds, that’s her class…

6. [+28, -2] Today ARMYs are also streaming hard so that they can collect money for V and Jennie’s date~~

7. [+17, -3] V should leave the group, seriously

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These people mad Armys don’t insult Tae or trending tags for Tae to leave the group the way they imagined Armys to be when they found out he’s dating like oo us being okay with it makes you that mad 😦


knetz seem to care more than anyone else lmaooo


‘How does he think the other members feel?’ Happy for him, of course. He’s a grown man. He doesn’t need or want your advice or your opinion. And guess what? He’s going to do as he pleases whether you like it or not. Why can’t you just be happy for him? These calls for him to leave the group are ridiculous. Grow up.


talking about him making it obvious as if all the pictures and videos didn’t get leaked, we would know nothing if it wasn’t because of that weirdo


Why does he look like having a very bad varicose veins on his legs in the above picture? Lol


Taehyung,please leave the group. The other members are also affected by the issues you are included. If you really care about them,you should leave.


If you really care about him or the other boys you shouldn’t say that. BTS is 7 and always will be 7. I can’t believe you just said that, I’m disgusted.


Just disgusting… Why even stan BTS when you have such petty thoughts… Don’t you want your idols to be happy…. I don’t think the other members are bothered by any of this… Cz they all want each one of them to be happy.


Are you a real army man how can you say smtg like this and we all know that this all are rumours and even if it is true why can’t you just support them let them do whatever the want..atlast they are also humans they also have private life man..just grow up and if you are going with this thoughts then don’t call yourself army..


Tf … Are u for real?? Lk who tf says smtg lk that ….. If u care so much about other members thn, MISS remember that TAEHYUNG is ONE of them tooo…….pls don’t act foolishly lk those knetz

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