Victim’s statement + HYBE’s statement regarding Kim Garam’s school violence controversy

LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam, the school violence was real… Victim “suffers 2ndary pain, took extreme attempts -> Even left school”

The statement by alleged bullying victim Yoo Eunseo’s law firm Daeryun’s is as follows

Cr allkpop

1. Kim Garam, if you have the last conscience of a human, please leave the group

2. Why didn’t they kick her out of the group? I’m really curious

3. HYBE is a trash company

4. How did she want to be an idol after ruining someone’s life?

5. She has no conscience

6. Until this controversy is resolved, I will personally boycott HYBE. I will boycott all artists in the company

7. I feel bad because I was a victim of school violence

8. I feel bad for the victim

9. HYBE is a trash company. They turned the victim into the perpetrator, they are disgusting

10. It’s a trash company, kneel down and apologize to the victim

11. HYBE is disgusting… I got goosebumps when they said she was a victim

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