Video of BLACKPINK’s Lisa kissing her allegedly boyfriend goes viral on weibo with over 16 Million views, Dispatch reports

Dispatch’s Video Exposé: Celebrity Couple « Fredlisa »  Faces Mean Backlash

here the link of the viral video:

In the fast-paced world of entertainment journalism, the quest for exclusive scoops often leads to groundbreaking revelations. One such revelation recently came from Dispatch, a prominent South Korean media outlet known for its in-depth celebrity coverage. Dispatch published a video of a high-profile celebrity couple on a date, sparking widespread public and media reaction. However, instead of the usual mix of intrigue and support, the response has been overwhelmingly mean-spirited, shedding light on the darker side of fan culture and celebrity scrutiny.

Rather than being met with enthusiasm, the couple’s date video attracted a torrent of negative comments. Social media platforms were flooded with harsh critiques, ranging from the banal to the brutal. Some fans expressed feelings of betrayal,

A particularly troubling aspect of the backlash involved derogatory comments labeling the couple as a gay pair. This stemmed from a long-standing and problematic trope within certain fan circles where the girl, who is known for her tomboyish image and often referred to as the “man” of her group, was mocked and her femininity questioned.

In the end, the Dispatch exposé is more than just a celebrity scoop; it is a poignant illustration of how cnetizens see Blackpink’s Lisa following her cancelled performance at the Crazy horse cabaret.