Viewer rating trend of tvN ‘Apartment 404’

Viewer rating trend of tvN ‘Apartment 404’

1. It’s so boring

2. Episode 1 was boring but episode 2 was better, I have to watch episode 3

3. I’m disappointed too, but I still like it… But I like the cast so whatever they do will be fun

4. It’s not fun at all ㅠ

5. I don’t know who the person on Jennie’s left is, but everyone except Jennie is Yoo Jae Suk’s connection

6. It’s not fun

7. Can I watch episode 2 without watching episode 1?

8. It’s really boring… I was looking forward to it…

9. Episode 2 was much more fun, Jennie did well

10. It’s like Running Man

11. It’s not fun, it’s not fresh

12. Episode 1 wasn’t funny but it seemed like an entertaining show that was fun to eat and watch like Running Man so I think I’ll keep watching

13. Episode 1 wasn’t very fun, but yesterday’s episode was fun

14. Episode 2 is much better

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