Virtual girl group ‘SYNDI8’ character outfits produced by HYBE receive negative reactions

Virtual girl group ‘SYNDI8’ character outfits produced by HYBE

1. Overall, I think the drawing style is so nice, but it would be better if the colors and costumes were well chosen. Why did they design them like that…?

2. They look like characters in the game

3. I don’t know why they keep wasting money by investing in things that they don’t even have the ability to make money on

4. Why do they look like game characters?

5. They’re cute but they don’t look like a girl group at all

6. It keeps reminding me of Aespa

7. Did they recruit people from the gaming industry to do this?

8. They will throw away a few hundred billion won more

9. I guess HYBE’s virtual girl group is definitely planning to target men

10. Looks like a Japanese anime from the 80s

11. Where is the target audience?;; I don’t think men will like them either

12. Is this a concept from the 80s?

13. I think they were copied from Sailor Moon

14. I thought I was watching a Japanese anime that I used to watch when I was in school

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