“Vogue” RIIZE x Louis Vuitton photos and videos come out

“Vogue” RIIZE x Louis Vuitton photos and videos come out

1. Wow Wonbin’s aura is crazy

2. Sohee in the video is so cute

3. Why is everyone so handsome?

4. The more I looked at Sungchan’s face, the more fascinated I became

5. Maybe because Sohee’s body proportions are good, he stands out the most

6. I thought it was a joke because all the handsome guys were in SM’s basement but it turned out to be true. Handsome guys keep appearing

7. They are all handsome but I think I understand why Wonbin is the center

8. Sungchan is so handsome….

9. Every time I see Anton’s lips, I feel like I need fillers

10. Shotaro is so cool

11. Anton’s smile is so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Sohee did so well with his new hair, it suits him so well

13. Sohee and Shotaro are so cute

14. Sohee’s legs are amazing

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