Weki Meki disbanded after 7 years

[Exclusive] Weki Meki disbanded after 7 years… beautiful farewell

News 1 reported on the 7th that Weki Meki recently decided to disband the group and after 7 years of activities, they decided to go their separate ways while supporting each other’s futures

Meanwhile, Weki Meki will release a new digital single on the 12th. This will be Weki Meki’s last song before disbanding

1. What a pity… I’ve always liked Doyeon and supported her since Produce ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope everyone will do better on their own paths

2. If the company was going to put them on hiatus for almost 3 years, they should have let them disband a long time ago

3. They said they were coming back. I never thought there would be news like this

4. Fantagio is closing down its idol business

5. It’s a pity, they did so well

6. The kids tried so hard but it’s a pity

7. Seriously, what have they done with Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung for 7 years?

8. Fantagio, please quit the idol business

9. This company is trash

10. I was a huge fan of Yoojung until IOI, I feel so sorry for Choi Yoojung..

11. I really feel sorry for Yoojung. She seemed to have a lot of talent when she was in Produce and IOI…

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