Wendy’s face has changed so much

Wendy’s face has changed so much

I feel it more because Eunbi still looks the same

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1. [+219, -33] Wendy’s fans keep using her accident as an excuse for everythingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Her face has changed since her debut, even after the accident it continued to change. Until when are you going to bring up her accident?

2. [+180, -56] ? Even Kwon Eunbi has changed?

3. [+168, -3] She really looks like Lee Nayeon from Transit Love

4. [+79, -3] To be honest, it’s true that her face has changed so much

5. [+73, -4] Wendy used to live in Canada, it’s surprising that she has low self-esteem and is obsessed with her appearance

6. [+53, -4] Did she hold Joy’s hand and go there together?

7. [+49, -4] The doctor who went to the concert after being invited by Wendy was a liposuction specialist

8. [+42, -1] Personally, I feel sad when female idols keep getting plastic surgery when they have more years of experience, especially female idols who look fine without surgery.. Why do they do that?

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