Wendy’s styling today is so pretty that it makes fans crazy

She collaborated with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra at COEX Byeolmadang Library

Of course she sings well too

1. She’s a princess

2. She looks like a Disney princess

3. Wow, long hair also looks really good on her

4. So pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Short hair or long hair both suit her

5. Wow, her hair reminds me of Nayeon

6. Her face has changed a lot

7. For a moment I thought it wasn’t Wendy

8. I don’t recognize Wendy, it seems like something has changed a lot

9. I’m really curious about what she did to her nose

10. She’s a princess, she’s so prett

11. Wendy… are you an angel…?

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