Weverse Con’s ticket price is too high compared to the lineup?

Weverse who released the final lineup of Weverse Con by accident and then deleted

1. The lineup is disappointing compared to the ticket price

2. Jeremy Zucker???????

3. Why is the ticket price so expensive?

4. Kim Junsu has a musical on the 11th, so not all of those singers appear on both days

5. I want to watch NewJeans and fromis_9, but the ticket price is too expensive… I just need to watch it on my iPad

6. The lineup is good, ENHYPEN, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, Jeremy Zucker, Kim Junsu, Zico, etc. Wow, everything is good

7. I want to go, but the ticket price is crazy

8. I want to see NewJeans and Jeremy Zucker

9. The lineup is weak, there are few singers and the ticket price is expensive

10. 300,000 won? HYBE is crazy

11. Xia Junsu signed with HYBE????????

12. I’m curious about Hwang Minhyun and Xia Junsu’s performances, but it’s expensive

13. Why are there no BTS members?

14. The ticket price is too high compared to the lineup

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