“What about Baby Monster?” YG is finally getting in their right mind

YG is finally getting in their right mind

“Until we find the successors of Big Bang and BLACKPINK… YG’s national audition”

National audition tour

1. I feel like YG has lost their mind

2. What about Baby Monster??

3. I guess some YG executives want to travel nationwide

4. ? Just focus on Baby Monster

5. I thought Baby Monster had their own schedule….

6. ??????? I thought it was related to Baby Monster

7. ?? What are you talking about?

8. I thought Baby Monster would do their activities. What is this?

9. What part of this is ‘getting in their right mind’?

10. I thought Baby Monster’s music video was coming out…

11. Can’t YG leave the idol industry? I really hope YG goes bankrupt, this stupid company

12. If you want to become an idol, I don’t think you should join YG

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