“What about NewJeans?” Netizens react to Bang Si Hyuk posting photos with idols at Weverse Con

Bang Si Hyuk’s Instagram update

1. He lost a lot of weight, daebak

2. He looks good now because he lost weight

3. This guy never takes pictures with NewJeans

4. Are there any solo singers in HYBE? Who wears green? Is there any singer like that?

5. But… who are they? I don’t know anyone other than Park Jin Young

6. He really lost a lot of weight

7. Shameless

8. Park Jin Young’s outfit is so beautiful

9. He will take pictures with all the idols except NewJeans

10. Did he accept their greeting?

11. Are you happy?

12. What about NewJeans?

13. How did he lose weight?

14. No, NewJeans didn’t go to that concert. Why are they looking for NewJeans?

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